One lucky find

crochet, pastel, doily, potholder, wallpaper with flowers, little sidetable mid century modern, vintage, retro, ByHaafnerpink pelargonium, pastel, wallpaper with flowers, cracked flowerpot, ByHaafner

I never was one for pastel colours,
but recently, I started to appreciate them.

I found the little triangular table some time back
- in Amsterdam -
while walking in the morning from the station to my office.
Somebody had thrown it away,
between a pile of garbage bags.
Lucky find indeed! (Apart from the garbage part of the story.)

The workmen restoring a house there,
thought it was really funny to see me crawling over the rubbish,
(Okay, I'm exaggerating here, I didn't actually have to crawl.)
 - but I thought it to be a perfect start of my day.

crochet, ByHaafner, doily, potholder, pastel,

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