In my cuppa

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I live on tea.
But seriously, I drink lots of it.

But onlyFairtrade & Organic.
scarborough fair chocolate and tea advert
Source: Scarborough Fair

I will not have it any other way.

Especially not after visiting quite a few tea plantations over the past years
in India, Sri Lanka, Laos...

Breathtaking landscapes / Stunning architecture
– like this former tea factory in Sri Lanka.
(Now turned into a hotel where, BTW, I stayed a couple of years ago.
Yes - it was nice.)

Others are still in use as tea factories.
The conditions under which most teapickers still have to work
are beyond words. It is often modern slavery.
They don't have a choice.

We do.
Paying a few cents extra for our tea can make a huge difference for them.
So yes, only Fairtrade & Organic
In my cuppa.

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