Give-away Tulip Etimo Gold Set – Joining is easy!

I had been eyeing the Tulip Etimo Premium Gold Set set for quite a while before I finally got them. I had read positive reviews about these hooks and I loved (and love) their aesthetics. Plus I really enjoyed working with my other Tulip hooks. (The Japan-based company has been making high quality hooks since 1953.) 

I was a bit hesitant though because I already have sooo many crochet hooks... - But, I'm glad that in the end I decided to get them. The cushion grip is perfect (not too bulky and with a pleasant feel to it), the hooks themselves are very smooth and handle all types of yarn easily. And I adore the stylish, neutral colour which will never clash with the colours of a project. 

Tulip Etimo, crochet hooks, byHaafner, give-away, crochet, lace

The complete set includes eight crochet hooks (sizes 2.00, 2.20, 2.50, 3.00, 3.50, 4.00, 5.00 and 6.00 mm), a cute - and sharp! - pair of scissors, two darning needles, a ruler, all packed in a beautiful light-grey & silver case.

And now... You can win your own Tulip Etimo Premium Gold Set... In cooperation with the lovely people at Tulip I happily present you this give-away. Participating is easy!

1. Leave your comment under this post and follow this blog. That's it!

2. You'd like an extra chance to win? Be my guest! For an extra chance to win:
Leave a comment on my instagram account under this post (click here). 

3. For yet another chance to win:
Repost my give-away IG-post (this one!) on your (public) instagram account using the hashtag #tuliphooksbyhaafner

Tulip Etimo, crochet hooks, byHaafner, give-away, crochet,


The give-away is open to everyone everywhere! Bear in mind though that if you live outside the EU customs in your country might charge you some import tax. I will randomly pick a winner (from the entries on my blog and Instagram combined) on Sunday December 4th. So if you win you could have YOUR set before christmas - if post services cooperate!

If you don't want to wait for that: at the end of this blog post I'll include links to Amazon and Bol to buy you own Tulip Etimo hooks directly. Just scroll down. ;-)

Hook talk & Good luck to you!

Talking about hooks, I'm curious, what are your favourite crochet hooks? Do you like a grip on your hooks or not? (I personally prefer either a smooth, modest one like these or no grip at all. Definitely no bulky grips for me!) Are you into wooden, bamboo, plastic or metal hooks? (Metal works best for me.) Or does it depend on your yarn? Have you worked with Tulip hooks before?

If you are participating in this give-away: Good luck to you and thanks so much for dropping by.


Tulip Etimo, crochet hooks, byHaafner, give-away, crochet, lace

PS. Shopping

Please take note that there are several variants of the Tulip Etimo sets: the contents, hook sizes and colours vary, so check before buying!

But at Bol.com

But at Amazon