Cheerful Vintage Embroidery

Aaah, all those lovely colours!
I thought that it would be appropriate to share them with you on this grey day.

ByHaafner, fabric, Hmong, Laos, embroidery, colourful, pink flower

These are just a few of the embroidered pieces we brought from South East Asia.
Made by the Hmong in Laos,
known for their colourful fabrics.

ByHaafner, fabrics, Hmong, Laos, embroidery, colourful, stack

I hope you like them too!


It's such a perfect day... For a sneak peek

While autumn winds are blowing,
it's nice to snuggle up inside
bake & enjoy a cupcake
or two...
ByHaafner, vegan cupcake, vegan, vintage styling, wallpaper, pastel, thrifted doily, crochet

Vegan of course.
The crocheted doily is a thrifted treasure.

ByHaafner, vegan cupcake, vegan, vintage styling, pastel, thrifted doily, crochet

So, I figured this might be the right setting for a little sneak peak,
of a crochet project...
Since the colours coordinate quite nicely with the cupcake
- if I may say so.

Still searching for a nice lacy crochet border pattern for this throw.
But first: finish making all the granny squares.
Still a lot to go...


Time to crochet

Couldn't resist to make another crocheted potholder. 

ByHaafner, potholder, crochet, pastel, vintage style, crochet

ByHaafner, potholder, crochet, pastel, vintage style, crochet

I'll work out the pattern soon.
(If I can remember it...)


Vintage buttons

Loving my vintage buttons...

ByHaafner, vintage buttons, pink polkadot fabric, plate
Fascinating to think that thousands of years ago people already used buttons.
Talking about vintage! ;-)

ByHaafner, vintage buttons, plate


Weekend snapshots

ByHaafner, crochet, potholder, teatime, teacup, thrifted, vintage

Both the teacup and the plaid with the green flowers
(of which just a snippet is visible) are thrifted.
The first in The Netherlands, the second in India.

ByHaafner, pompons, pastel, vintage wallpaper, blue flowers

 Oh yes... Pompons...

ByHaafner, crochet, cover footstool, granny circle, granny chic

 A thrifted footstool with crocheted cover...

ByHaafner, crochet, potholder, work in progress, pastel, crochet hook

Crochet project in the making...



ByHaafner, ribbons, pink, flowers

Some of these ribbons
I bought here, The Netherlands.

ByHaafner, ribbons, flowers

But most of them
are souvenirs from travelling.

ByHaafner, ribbons, lace


The hardships of Cruelty-Free Living (Haha)

So, it has been quiet on my blog.
I just got back from a short trip to vegan heaven, better known as NYC.
(They don't call it The Big Apple for nothing, right?)
Of course I stocked up heavily on vegan goodness.

ByHaafner, vegan marshmallows, hot chocolate, pastel, doily, crochet

In this case: the marshmallows of Sweet & Sara.
This afternoon I indulged in hot chocolate made with almond milk,
topped with toasted coconut & vanilla marshmallows.
Great recipe to get rid of any jetlag.

ByHaafner, vegan marshmallows, hot chocolate, pastel, doily, crochet

Oh yes, I forget, if you're not veg*n, you might be wondering:
vegan marshmallows?
Yeah... because other marshmallows always contain gelatin,
made from the bones of animals.
Yes. Ugh. Indeed.

Can I just add this pastel doily 'thing' is getting out of control?


Vintage Embroidery Love from Laos

ByHaafner, embroidery, vintage, Laos, collar, cross stitch, travel, birds and flowers pattern

ByHaafner, embroidery, vintage, Laos, collar, cross stitch, birds and flowers pattern, travel, close up

As mentioned before on this blog, here at ByHaafner we love travelling
And love surrounding ourselves by memories of those travels.
Bringing travel home, as it were.

We brought this second hand collar back from Laos.
The colours are gorgeous,
as is the design, with its geometric motives, the birds and the flowers.

Soon on this blog: more beautiful textiles from South East Asia!