Container Gardens #1

What we lack here in The Netherlands
is space.
It's a small - not to say tiny - country.
Mind you, it does have beautiful scenery.

hydrangea, pink, container garden
Pink! Wow! Look at that door!

In Dutch towns, like in many towns around the globe, gardens are not always easy to find.

container garden
This is such a lovely street: absolutely packed with
container gardens.

In comes the container garden:
Some people are very creative in creating small patches of green.
In all kinds of containers. On the pavement.
For everyone who passes by to enjoy.

container garden, Dutch courtyard
I wouldn't mind sipping a cup of tea here while reading the newspaper.
Wouldn't mind at all...

I simply adore these lush outbursts of plants and flowers
- here and there -
when walking or cycling through town.

container garden, tree, hydrangea, purple
You see the rope attached to the tree to keep it from falling? 

So, every now and then,
I will post photos of some of my favorite container gardens.

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  1. Beautiful! I have a really huge garden(1800m²) but i have many containers with flowers too. I just love to have them on the patio. I also like hanging baskets wich can hang in the trees or on the carport. And every year i have containers with petunias on some of my window sills.