Although I try to answer as many emails and other messages as possible, unfortunately it’s not possible for me to answer them all. Thanks for your understanding. J

However! The answers to these FAQ's might be helpful.

Pattern requests

- If I designed a pattern myself which I choose to share on my blog you can find it here. However, I don't publish all my patterns.

- If it’s not my own pattern I’ll give references to the book or other source on my blog where possible.

- I don’t send out copies from a book, magazine etc.

In other words: if the pattern or pattern reference is not on my blog already, it’s not available. Sorry!


I started my blog as a means of sharing the love of crochet. Although I love to share some of my patterns here, a lot of pics on my blog are still just for inspiration, not for pattern of tutorial purposes.

Which yarns do you use?

All kinds of really!
I often mix and match brands. I love working with organic and plantbased yarns, like bamboo, cotton and hemp twine, but I have worked with acylic yarn a lot too. I don’t use animal fibres in my work.

I love sourcing handspun, local yarns when abroad. Where possible I’ll specify the yarns used in a project.

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  1. Is there any way to subscribe to your blog, so we can get notifications when you update? I love the dainty dots and hope you will post a pattern. It is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your amazing work.