My book! Mandalas to Crochet

Hello dear reader,

I'm back with some happy news.
Or, news...? If you are on Instagram, chances are you've seen it popping up here and there already over the past months...

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Anyway! My first crochet book is out! The title is Mandalas to Crochet and there's a UK and a US edition. (Plus a South African edition titled Hooked on Mandalas!).
So, the result of many hours of crocheting, designing, drawing and writing is now available - or rather, already since a couple of months... I really SHOULD update my blog more often...

byHaafner, crochet, mandala, mandalas to crochet, book, rugI'm happy to say that the book is absolutely packed with patterns for mandalas, borders and projects you can make with mandalas. Like the rug pictured above. All patterns come both in a written version an as a chart. Browse through the book with me if you like...

Later this year Mandalas to Crochet will also appear in translated editions in quite a few other countries, among which The Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, France and - early 2017 - in Finland and Italy. I'm working on a dedicated page on this blog for a full overview.

Hooray for that! Please note: The US and UK edition are both called Mandalas to Crochet and have practically identical covers. They have exactly the same contents BUT of course the US version (published by St. Martin's Griffin) uses American crochet terminology where as the UK version (published by Search Press) uses British terminology. The UK edition sold out very quickly, but is back in stock now after a reprint. :-)
Please bear this difference in mind if you're considering to buy.

Buy the US edition on Amazon.com! (American crochet terminology)

Buy the UK edition on Bol.com! (Bestel the Engelse editie op Bol.com)

Buy the US edition on Bol.com! (Bestel de Amerikaanse versie op Bol.com.)

Here's another sneak peek: the Leaves & Lace Blanket... I LOVED making this blanket. I used the gorgeous South African Vinnis Nikkim cotton yarn for it, kindly sponsored by Scaapi.

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Well, dear reader, I really hope you've enjoyed this little peek in my book...

Thanks for your lovely visit. I wish you all the best for the weekend & don't forget to crochet. :-)