Crochet lessons & A Thank You

Last year I decided to learn to crochet.
This in itself is nothing special of course, but for me,
who never did any crafting, it was something.

crochet, granny squares, neon pink, colours, Haafner, throw, plaid, vintage style

I turned to YouTube - where a lot of nice people

invest their precious time, teaching their crafting skills
to complete strangers, like me.

So I crocheted my first granny square and another one,
and another one.
And I decided I might as well make my first throw of these fairly big squares.
As you can see the result is a bit wonky...^
The throw quickly became my dear cat's favourite hiding place,
so better not zoom in: 
*cat hair alert*. ^

crochet, small granny squares, black, colourful, bag, Haafner

A big Thank You to:
– Mirte from Handwerkles (in Dutch, but very recommendable)
– Donna from Naztazia. (I've watched this video so often!)
for teaching me to crochet.


  1. I'm thankful to youtube for the same reason!!
    I started last Easter to crochet!! Yay!!!
    lovely blanket!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  2. Welcome to the crochet world. My story is same as yours. My mom did nt believe me when I showed her my few first creations. Thanks to youtube, seriously!
    Your work is very neat, the throw looks so gorgeous! Good luck and keep hooking! :)