Happy Sheep / Yarn Galore

What is it exactly, this girlish silliness,
That makes my heart skip a beat
(or two)
When seeing stacks of yarn...?
thrifted sidetable, mid century modern, yarn, white floor, vegan

The colours
The texture
The softness
The overall yumminess.

My evergrowing collection of yarn
is vegan. 
yarn, vegan

And - if it's bamboo or cotton - organic where possible.
But the yarn on these pictures is actually acrylic.
Which is less of a burden to our environment than wool.
(Contrary to what one might expect.)
yarn, vegan

I know a lot of people detest acrylic yarn...
But it does come in nice bright colours
- And it keeps the sheep happy.

1 comment:

  1. You said in this blog post that acrylic is less of a burden to our environment than wool.
    Can you tell me why this is so?
    I have in my mind the idea that I should use wool in stead of acrylic, but actually I want to use acrylic because (1) I can buy it in my neighborhood, (2) I am on a tight budget and (3) I purchased some ‘superwash’ woolen yarn, but I find that it is itchy.
    (I noticed very soft woolen yarn in a yarn shop, but I really cannot afford it.)

    I crocheted two couch blankets out of acrylic yarn to protect the upholstery of our two couches.
    After three months the most used blanket already looked worn out. This was of course a disappointment.
    Would it have been better to use (partly) woolen yarn, or more expensive acrylic yarn, or cotton yarn?
    Have you any thoughts on this subject?