Snapshots from a workspace

This little thrifted bird is always very nosey and wants to know what's going on on my desk.
He has a special interest in tape and crocheted work,
and is very picky about colours.

ByHaafner, bird, thrifted, vintage, washing tape, masking tape,

I look forward to using this paper yarn from Paperphine.
Not only the yarn itself is gorgeous,
the wooden bobbin is beautiful too.

ByHaafner, Paperphine, pink, wooden bobbin

I got this second hand sari - I love that embroidery! -
from a lovely lady in Jodhpur (the amazing blue town in Rajasthan, India).
And it's perfect for hiding a lot of, well, stuff.

ByHaafner, embroidery, bringing travel home, thrifted, vintage, sari, India

Looking at it, it makes me want to pack my bag and go back, like,
right now!

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