It's snowing... Crochet snowflakes (and other stuff)

Inspired by the cold weather
I crocheted some snowflakes.
Still looking for a more convincing pattern though...
Suggestions are welcome!

ByHaafner, crochet, doilies, snowflakes, pastel colours

In this picture there are actually three different snowflakes.
Obviously - well, I hope it's obvious anyway ;-) - the small white ones
(which are my favourites so far).
But the white/blue & white/purple ones (on the left and right)
and the white/coral one (on the top right) are also supposed to be snowflakes, however I don't find them very convincing as such...
(And yes, I do realise the colours probably don't help either... haha.)
Anyways, they are big enough to pass for a small doily.
(One can never have too much of them, right?)

Okay, enough babbling about crochet snowflakes...
I really like the hexagon in the middle of this picture
(with the flower).
I'm considering to make a throw with this pattern.
Even more so after seeing this gorgeous one on Saartjes blog
(made with the same hexagon pattern).

ByHaafner, crochet, doilies, snowflakes, pastel colours

♦ Have a wonderful (crafty?) day! 

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  1. Beeldschoon! Ik zou niet weten welke ik het mooist vind. Dit is echt genieten :-)