Travel Blanket

Imagine... A sleepy provincial Thai town... An old wooden house, traditionally build with an elevated ground floor... The sun is about to set... Inside is breezy... But still it's hot... You hear the crickets chirping... Muffled voices from outside... The clattering of pans from the neighbouring house... In your simple teak room - lovingly decorated with local antiques - the swooshing of the fan ceiling...

Okay, got the picture? 'Cause this is the setting in which I present to you... My travel blanket!
ByHaafner, crochet, travel blanket, solid granny squares, pastel, picot edging
ByHaafner, crochet, travel blanket, solid granny squares, pastel, picot edging

ByHaafner, crochet, travel blanket, solid granny squares, pastel, picot edging

ByHaafner, crochet, travel blanket, solid granny squares, pastel, picot edging

Yarn ~ Rio cotton from Lammy Yarns (which I usually use for my doilies, this was my first bigger project with it). The Rio includes one ball of blue/grey variegated cotton. I also used one colour from Hema (a Dutch shop) and one from Catania. Unfortunately I don't have the colour numbers available here...
Hooksize ~ 3.5 mm
Pattern ~ solid granny squares (if you google it you'll find many patterns for it), 64 in total (8x8 squares). I sewed them together front sides held together, then sewed the inner thread of the stitches together.
Edging ~ a simple picot edging in a shell-esque pattern. I like the result because it softens the austere character of the solid squares - without compromising on the overall squareness. ;-)
Blocking ~ I didn't, because I'm on the road!

ByHaafner, crochet, travel blanket, backside, solid granny squares, pastel, picot edging

ByHaafner, crochet, travel blanket, solid granny squares, pastel, picot edging

I'm glad I was foreseeing to take quite some natural white yarn with me... I really needed it to complete the blanket! As you can see I still have some yarn left, which I didn't use because I wanted this blanket to be square. Also I wanted to use the bright pink to spice the blanket up, but I had too little of it to make it work. Travel doilies coming up, I guess...

ByHaafner, crochet, travel blanket, solid granny squares, pastel, picot edging

As the sun was about to set the pictures are a bit dark. In the morning the colours are a bit brighter. Anyways... I hope you like it and I'll try to be back soon, because there are quite some yarny travel tales to share. Many thanks for visiting & take care!


  1. beautiful blanket, lovely pictures...
    Have a nice day !

  2. Replies
    1. (Sorry, half the comment broke off)
      ...the neutral backround is really nice. This blanket will always take you right back to your Thailand trip.
      (When I use my one stash-bag, I'm right back in the Alps :-)

  3. What a lovely blanket!! I love how you set the mood in the first paragraph!....Perfect! Such beautiful colors, thanks for sharing the details of it too!! I always love to hear about different and new techniques as well as different yarns!! :) Thank you! Enjoy!! xo Holly

  4. Very beautiful blanket! It will also hold some special memories from your trip to Thailand. :-)

  5. What an absolutely perfect setting for this very fine crocheted blanket. The colors are exquisite, and your crocheting is perfect. The edging really does add so much to this design!

    I am looking forward to hearing more about your journey.


  6. Gorgeous blanket. And lovely edging as well.

    Patricia x (pats-ditjes-en-datjes.blogspot.be)

  7. Your blanket is beautiful. Very pretty colors.

  8. Beautiful blanket. Love it very much! Nice colours.

  9. It's wonderful, I'm right there in Thailand with you. Such subtle colours, it really is very striking. And I'm a huge fan of cotton. All in all I really love this one.

  10. beautiful blanket and set!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxx Ale

  11. Thanks for taking me on a sensory trip Haafner - I can even smell the wooden interior and feel the shaded light! In fact I taste a Thai Murtabak straight from a night market vendor. Your blanket is gorgeous, the picot edging a lovely detail to the squares. Happy travels! xxxx

  12. Je deken ziet er prachtig uit! Geniet van je vakantie!!

    Madelief x

  13. Hi
    I love this blanket great colours.
    I just want to thank you for your inspiration, I discovered your blog last Friday and went through all your posts.

    I just finished working on a blanket myself a multi-coloured granny square blanket joined in black.
    And although I have another granny square blanket I'm working on (a multi-coloured joined with white), I've now started work on another blanket thanks to you, and I'm loving it.
    It's a blanket like the one from your,'Finally - a finished throw"""post from July 2013.

    See the whole point was to use up yarn I've got before buying new yarn, and for the two granny blankets I used up loads of little balls of yarn I had, (although I did buy the black and white yarn}
    But I've got loads of balls of beige and blue yarn which I am now using up for the blanket like yours.

    Thanks again


    1. P.S You can see my black blanket here http://gettinghookedagain.blogspot.nl/

    2. Hello & welcome to my blog Chris!
      Thanks for your kind words; they really mean a lot to me. I'm still such a novice to both crocheting and blogging and it is wonderful to be part of this international craft community and to inspire others like others keep inspiring me. So thanks for taking time to comment!
      Love your blankets ~ gorgeous works indeed!

  14. Oh I just love this! So pretty. I hope that you are having happy travels!

    Take care

    Vanessa xxx

  15. Gorgeous colors and I adore the picot edge. Visiting from Annemarie's blog.

  16. It's so pretty and that edging is just right! Heather x

  17. Thanks everybody for your kind comments!

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