A quiet afternoon...

... Or so it would have been yesterday, if it wasn't for the fact that I was quite maniacally making pictures to document the quietness... *ahem*

I wanted to give this post a touch of Less Is More aesthetics. But I guess I'm failing big time because of the number of pics alone. Ah well!

ByHaafner, crochet, placemat, granny square, potholder, white & pastels

This placemat and potholder are supposed to have an air of Japanese minimalism. Just so you know. ;-)

The placemat is made of simple double crochets - white with irregular intervals of colour.

ByHaafner, crochet, placemat, granny square, potholder, white & pastels

The potholder is one big granny square, folded round a cotton potholder...

ByHaafner, crochet, placemat, granny square, potholder, white & pastels

... I whipstitched together the corners at the backside - which is the side I like best.

ByHaafner, crochet, placemat, granny square, potholder, white & pastels

Don't you just love the bunny? ;-) It's a souvenir from my recent travels.

ByHaafner, crochet, placemat, granny square, potholder, white & pastels

BTW, what do you think of this ball of bamboo? I bought it ages ago.

ByHaafner, crochet, placemat, white & pastels, bamboo yarn

It took me at least an hour to wind it from this skein. (As per usual messed up and got it completely tangled.) I love the colours and even the fact that it's variegated, because it's done so subtile... I have a lovely plan for it! To be continued...

ByHaafner, crochet, white & pastels, bamboo yarn,

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little record of quietness. Did you have a good weekend? Hope so!

I wonder what this week will bring. I personally have not very high hopes for this one. Luckily I can flee in my pastels. ;-)

ByHaafner, white & pastels, bamboo yarn, bunny...

Full speed ahead, I guess...


  1. I love your makes Haafner. The bamboo is lovely too. Cannot wait to see what you make from it! My week ahead is a busy one. I shouldn't be at my computer, but I figure if I have a drink in my hand that takes a few minutes to drink, I might as well use the time constructively and try and catch up on blogs and posts etc!

    Have a super week!

    Vanessa x

  2. My weekend was similar to yours. I also started working on (or playing around with) a pattern for a potholder that is made up of two squares formed with strips that are then woven together.

    But most of my time was spent on the afghan that was inspired by your hexagon afghan. I've got all my hexies sewn together and was working on a half hexie to fill in the gaps on the sides. It took me several tries but I finally figured out the pattern and was finally happy with the results. This project has been the most fun of all the projects I've ever done.

    But most of my ti

  3. Aaaagh, stuff minimalism :-) I love seeing your coffeepot, and the potholders you use with it. And the wooden spoon!
    Wondering what you'll use the bamboo for - it is lovely indeed.
    We're entering the second week-long school holiday in 4 weeks (don't ask) - South Africa is silly with holidays and long weekends and what not's during April, it's a total unproductive month. At least I can get lots of drilling and lifting and fixing done at home!

  4. I love these, beautiful subtle colours

  5. They're simple yet classy. I love the folded granny potholder!
    My weekend wasn't so quiet as yours but I am enjoying some crafting time now. Have a nice week!

  6. Mooi! Je post heeft zeker het gevoel dat je beschrijft. Ik heb de Japanse haak en naai boekjes een tijdje geleden in Frankrijk zien liggen. Ik heb er zo'n spijt van dat ik niet één of twee exemplaren heb meegenomen.....

    Fijne week!

    Madelief x

  7. Lovely makes and I love your bunny souvenir!

  8. I love the muted colours you've used. Hope your week turns out to be better than you are expecting!


  9. Oeh, dat bamboe-garen ziet er heerlijk zacht uit! Ik ben benieuwd naar je creatie ermee ;) xx Carmen

  10. It's so nice to visit you :-)
    Tracey xx

  11. I love your installation.
    I had a little chuckle when you said about tolling the skein into a ball and messing it up. Who doesn't mess it up!? Makes me feel more human when uou are always so honest.

  12. Wonderful pictures! And I really do like the potholder, that’s a great idea ♥
    Sunny greetings, Nata

  13. I love your styling ... Simply stunning. Have a wonderful bank holiday! Emma x

  14. You make me laugh Haafner! i have to admit though that I too wish I can post one picture and sign off, but I can never choose which one!

    1. PS do you blog from an Ipad? i am curious to know whether I should buy the Blogsy app. Commenting from an Ipad is a pain, it often freezes and then I have to post the comment in stead of being able to finish it - as happened above. Still wanted to say the Bamboo looks scrumptious!