Did I succeed in my quest for local cotton yarn amidst the abundance of acrylics?
But of course!

ByHaafner, yarn, cotton

It wasn't easy, but - through sheer dedication for the cause. Ha! - I found a few places where gorgeous cotton was sold. Recently I'm quite smitten by greyish hues - especially after hooking my very pastel travel blanket I feel it's time for a change. So I bought mostly greys and earthy colours. Nevertheless, when I stumbled upon that gorgeous pink, I had to get it. I love the combination grey and pink.

Twentyfour Twentysix huge cakes of cotton yarn so far - and counting... So much for travelling light. :( The look and feel of this yarn reminds me a bit of Drops Paris, but it is slightly bulkier. I like that, because at home I find it hard to find cotton that is suitable for a plus 5mm hook. I'm guessing I could go as far as to use a 6,5 mm hook for this yarn. I hope so, because I feel a nice drapey blanket is coming up! Granny squares maybe? Starburst hectagons? Rectangulars?

Still, it's a pity that in country where bamboo is everywhere, there is no bamboo yarn - or hardly anyway, I didn't find any. The production of bamboo is more sustainable than that of cotton (the latter requires a lot of land and water), and the end product is very suitable for a tropical climate.

Having said that, I did stumble upon this really handspun nice hemp yarn. Not in a yarn store however, and they only had these varieties. It's nice to be able to buy something handspun for a change (because I don't use wool, that limits my options regarding handspun).

ByHaafner, yarn, handspun, hemp

ByHaafner, yarn, handspun, hemp

By the way, in addition to what I wrote about the local yarn stores in an earlier post, I have to add that I did come across a few that resemble the ones that are found in eg. Europe and the States. They mainly sell imported yarn. Pricewise: I could buy five of these fairly big cotton yarn cakes for less than the price of one ball of imported Katia cotton.

Apart from yarn I stocked up on my crochet hooks. Lots of small sizes that are not easy to get back home. Like 0.75 mm, 1.25 mm and 1,3 mm. The smallest one I bought is a 0,6 mm hook. It's tiny! How does one use it? With a lens? Since I took this picture, I've purchased quite a few more. (I've lost count, but I think it counts up to at least sixteen.) The hooks look very short on this picture but that because the needles are so huge...

ByHaafner, crochet hooks

Not only did I stock up on crochet hooks, but also on crochet books. But that's a different post altogether. ;-) Thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate your visit!


  1. yay for your beautiful cotton yarn!!!! I know very well about the prices of imported yarns (catania, katie, zara and others!) : it's quite crazy even here in Jakarta! I'm able to find local cotton, but not thick as yours!!!! Instead, bamboo yarn is not difficult to find!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  2. Really?! Then I should be heading to Indonesia next for some nice bamboo yarn! ;-)
    Yeah, the imported yarn is very expensive...

  3. Please do continue these reports of your trip...each post is very interesting. Everything that you are writing about and showing us is just what I would be asking you about.

    I love being an armchair traveler. xo

  4. Beautiful yarns and colors!! Looking forward to seeing the crochet books! Have a fabulous day! xo Heather

  5. Lovely yarns you found. Beautiful muted colours.

  6. The hemp yarn stole my heart - this is what I intend to buy in Nepal! I love all your new colours, I too am developing new colour palettes and will post about it soon. I am also a huge bamboo lover and will attend a launch of a new hand dyed bamboo yarn here tomorrow. I certainly looks like you are having the travel trip of a lifetime!!!!

  7. Great colours!! and a wonderful post. Have fun!!!

  8. Wat een mooi garen heb je gekocht en ik ben benieuwd naar je ervaringen met het hennep garen!
    Ik lees tegenstrijdige berichten over bamboe garen. Het schijnt dat het chemisch proces om bamboe zacht te maken slecht is voor het mileu en voor de mensen die betrokken zijn bij dat proces. Daardoor zou het niet een beter alternatief zijn voor katoen. Lastig kiezen vind ik.
    Hoe dan ook, geniet van alles en dank voor je mooie foto's.
    Een heel fijn weekend!

  9. Love your yarn! how pretty,Love cotton too!

  10. Wow, beautiful colors! Wish I could work with it! :-)

  11. Such nice colours! Where did you buy the cotton in Chiang Mai? I'm hoping to buy some lovely Thai cotton when I'm there at the end of March, like you I'm having a lot of trouble finding any!