Shiny Happy Cotton Bag

This bag. Oh dear...

I'm not sure if you can say this about your own designs, but I  l o v e  it. And the combination of mint and hot pink doesn't hurt either. ;-)

byHaafner, crochet, bag, Wool and the Gang, Shiny Happy Cotton

Let me first elaborate a bit about this yarn... A while back I was gifted  g o r g e o u s  Shiny Happy Cotton by Wool and the Gang. I've been wanting to try this yarn for ages and oh man, I did NOT disappoint.

byHaafner, crochet,  Wool and the Gang, Shiny Happy Cotton
Firstly: I simply adore these colours. And the other colours for this range look every bit as yummy. Secondly, the yarn worked up like a dream, it really did, very soft yet very strong (ideal for this bag!). Really loved it. I will definitely be using it more often as there are not many 100% cotton yarns out there suitable for 5 mm hook or up, don't you think? Have you worked with this particular yarn before?

Back to the bag! In case you like it: I'm working on a pattern for it (and pondering about a name for it). So stay tuned. :-)

I'd looove to hear what's currently on your hook! 

Thanks for your lovely visit - much appreciated. Have a good day.


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  1. The bag is simply stunning. Bravo!
    xx Beca

  2. Such a summery bag... and the colours are gorgeous! A yarn I've been wanting to try for a while too... At the moment I'm busy with my first crochet jumper, and am loving making it!

  3. Looooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a nice day!

  4. love the colors of your bag!! And it's totally ok to say you love your own designs, I've said it about my own before, you should love what you make!

  5. Gorgeous!!!! As usual, ����

  6. Oh, it's gorgeous!! And luuuurve the colours.

  7. oooooohhh love that bag, its gorgeous.