A New Shopper

Thank you for your kind comments on my recent posts and my sincere apologies for not answering them personally yet. I really appreciate them a lot though!

byHaafner, crochet, crochet market bag, pink, bamboo handle

I would love to have made a travel blanket like last year's, because it is such a nice souvenir. It brings back memories of all the places where I've worked on it. Unfortunately this year there will be no travel blanket. However I did make a small project. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen the work in progress on this one.

byHaafner, crochet, crochet market bag, pink, coconut cappuccino

The result: a shopper!

I've always wanted to try this spider pattern since I came across it on the internet. Unfortunately it is one of those - as I call them - orphaned patterns, without source. I tried to trace it back to its origins, but alas. If you know where it is first published, or who the designer is, please let me know so I can give credits and link to the original pattern, if possible. Thanks!

I really like this pattern, because there is a bit more to it than shows at first sight: the rows are not very tidy, if you know what I mean - I like that. ;-) 

byHaafner, crochet, crochet market bag, pink, bamboo handle, vintage dress

When I was about to crochet the handles I was a just a tad grumpy because those would sort of ruin the pattern when using the bag (because it crumples). Then I realised I was being stupid because bamboo handles are widely available here. So off to the market I went and I found the perfect size hangers. Pattern saved!

byHaafner, crochet, crochet market bag, pink, bamboo handle

I'm sorry for the somewhat crappy photos. Some people had a good laugh when they saw me trying to capture me-with-my-new-bag with the self-timer. My camera on a pile of yarn cakes to get the right height. Aaargh. Well, this is the best I could do. (What on earth is that arm doing there in the air? Seriously.) A tuk tuk driver thought I had gone mad when I hung my bag on that wall (the nail was there already!) in the middle of a crowded street because that beautiful wall just seemed the perfect backdrop. (Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me then, it was still chilling on top of those yarn cakes. So just a telephone snapshot there.)

byHaafner, crochet, crochet market bag, pink, bamboo handle

Okay... A lot of words for a small project... Sorry about that...
Many thanks for your lovely visit!
I wish you a most lovely day.


  1. It's a lovely happy shopper. I like it's quirkiness too! X

  2. Gorgeous small project! Such a sweet bag, I have never seen this pattern before and it's charming. I really love all your inventive backdrops in this post, especially your gorgeous dress! All worth any funny looks from passers by :o) Sam xx

  3. Good idea, the bamboo handles!
    Now the spider pattern remains visible.
    Did you add a liner to the bag?

  4. Seeing something can spark a memory, I now remember a simalar style bag I had as a small child.I loved that bag and of course yours x

  5. Your spider bag is gorgeous an I love the handles! I think I know where the pattern is from, but I need to search in my 'archive'. I will let you know:)
    Have a nice day/evening!

  6. Really gorgeous!!!!! Love your shopper a lot!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  7. Daar ben ik nog even. Ik heb op Pinterest een link gevonden naar het boek waar het patroon in staat, maar geen idee of het een illegale kopie is eerlijk gezegd. Dit is de link naar de pin: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/316870523757396917/
    Verwijder dit berichtje maar als je een dergelijke link liever niet op je website hebt:) Groetjes!

  8. It's so so lovely. You have an amazing eye and great crafty fingers my friend! xxx

  9. De foto's zien er prima uit Haafner...en dat met de self timer :-) Leuke jurk ook! Begrijp ik het nu goed dat jij op het moment in het buitenland zit?

    Je tas is prachtig geworden. In een echt Haafner kleurtje!

    Fijne week verder!

    Madelief x

  10. Hello!

    It's beautiful!!!!

    Ingrid xx

  11. You are so very talented and have a wonderful blog space!!!

  12. Haha, great post! Love the shot on that wall, and adorable bag- such perfect handles!
    Kate :}

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  14. I love the shopper!!! and his latest post also! you are a very creative!
    I am happy to walk here! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a nice day!
    kisses from Catalonia!