Crochet Cape

Well. Can you believe it? (I can't!) Last weekend I began and actually finished a project. Hooray! It seems ages ago I could last show a finished project, so I hereby proudly present you my new cape... (Apologies for the number of photos.)

ByHaafner, Japanese crochet pattern, crochet cape
The pattern is from a Japanese crochet book (I'll share the book details later in this post). I've been wanting to make this cape for over a year (it was the reason I bought the book), but somehow I never found the right yarn. Something woolly, I wanted, but I never use real wool. Enter: Stone Washed XL by the Dutch brand Scheepjeswol, a new yarn. Judging from what I see from fellow-bloggers it has quickly has become quite popular here in The Netherlands. It's made of cotton with a special acrylic coating. The offwhite ('moonstone') fitted the bill perfectly. (Mmm, I realise I sound like an ad here, but it's not.)

It was such a delight to whip up this pattern, which I followed except for the collar. The pattern called for a knitted collar, but I can't knit... And even if I could I wouldn't have understood the Japanese directions at that point. So, I came up with this simple alternative: A crocheted rectangular of single crochet rows, using back loops only, hence the ribs. I later single crocheted the collar to the cape. Piece of cake! And, if I may say so myself..., I quite like how it turned out, the ribs make it elastic and wearable. Okay, here's a close up. ;-)

ByHaafner, Japanese crochet pattern, crochet cape

All practicalities in short...
 Pattern: from Crochet & Cape (2008), more details below
♦ Collar: Rectangular made of single crochets, back loops only to create a rib
 Crochet hook: 5,5 mm
♦ Yarn: nine balls of Stone Washed XL (colour moonstone), by Scheepjeswol
♦ Light blocking (a night between wet towels with something heavy on top - not me)

ByHaafner, Japanese crochet pattern, crochet cape

Okay, let's do one more close up of the collar. ;-)

ByHaafner, Japanese crochet pattern, crochet cape

The pattern is from this fabulous Japanese crochet & knitting book from the Let's knit series. Published in 2008 by Nihon Vogue pubishers. This particular book is out of print, but I think there are still some copies available. I bought mine in the Etsy shop Pomadour24 which has loads of pattern books. 

ByHaafner, japanese crochet book, poncho & cape
So... I guess this really is all there is to tell about the making of one cape. The wearing of it is a whole new chapter of course. ;-) 

Many thanks for your lovely visit and chat!
Have lots of fun with all your creative adventures.


  1. OH MY WORD! I just LOVE this! I almost squeeled when I saw it! You clever lady you, making up the collar. It looks ace! Gorgeous colour too. I've been looking on Ravelry for a good mini poncho kind of pattern. I might have to check out Pomadour24's site. I have about 5 books I have been spying from her that I'd like to add to my collection!

    It's always a great feeling to finish a little project isn't it. I need to do lots of mini ones in between making big ones just to save me from utter boredom!

    Have a super fabulous rest of a week and weekend!

    Vanessa xxx

  2. Supermooi! Ik krijg meteen zin om ook een poncho te maken.. in fact, voor in de auto 's morgens zou het ideaal zijn ;-)

  3. Oh my what a lovely poncho.
    Have a nice day

  4. gorgeous cape Haafner!!!! I would love to crochet one, too, but leaving in another hot country doesn't help the possibility to wear it….. although a cotton version without the collar, maybe, will do!!! ;oD
    I love all your detailed pics!!!
    xxxxxx ale

  5. It's lovely, so beautifully stitched. And the yarn sounds perfect. I usually avoid wool here too, so I'm always on the lookout for non-wool options. CJ xx

  6. This is amazing!!!! I think you used a perfect yarn for this, I have been watching the Scheepjes with great interest and so glad you gave it a go, then I know it will be great to work with. I love your ribbed neck, it suits the pattern to a T. Oh my, I am rather jealous LOL

  7. Adorable cape! I love the pattern and the yarn you have used! The ribbed neck is fantasctic! Can't belive it's a week end project! :D

  8. Absolutely grand! No wonder you'd been wanting to find the perfect yarn for this project. Your adaptation of crochet for the ribbed collar is rather wonderful.

    Bravo...you've got it all finished just in time for cooler days and nights. xo

  9. Oh Haafner, this is soooo gorgeous!! Forgive me if I copy you - I may have to search for this book...
    Sam xxxx

  10. The Cape is really cute, i have to make my own, awesome

  11. This is so beautiful! Wonderful job with the collar...such a great addition.

  12. It is gorgeous and love the creamy color!! Wishing you a sweet day!! xo Heather

  13. Hello! I love your new cape!!! It looks so pretty! Your stitches and the pattern look so nice and evenly. How was it made? Did you begin at the top and crochet down? Did you crochet in the round (with increases)? Love your crochet solution to the neckpiece! :)
    I also adore Scheepjeswol Stonewashed, I have been using it a lot! (Not tried the XL so far).
    Good luck with your next project, looking forward to see what you will make!
    Ingrid xx

    1. Hi Ingrid, many thanks! Yes, I crocheted top down, in the round, increasing every round - except for the last rounds, they are equal size (although it looks like the last one is bigger, maybe because there is an finishing edge of two rows of sc). The collar was made separately and I used a row of single crochets to attach it to the top of the cape. All best, Haafner

  14. It is beautiful! and is very well made​​!
    I love this color! details, how absolutely hate it!
    Have a nice day!
    Kisses from Catalonia!

  15. This is a great cape! I would love to have something just like that. Hmmm. Got to go looking for that book to find the pattern. Great idea with the collar. Looks fabulous. Well done.
    My Rose Valley

  16. I love it! My mom told me she would like a poncho with a collar, but finding patterns with a collar is not so easy. This one's very nice.

  17. oooh I like this one. The stitches are beautiful and very wearable. I am crocheting a cardi using this stitch you have used for the collar at the mo but never thought of using it for a substitute rib stitch. That is genius. Its a wonderfully springy stitch which would work well for a rib. Thank you for sharing, you have given me a few ideas for future projects! Love Pjx

  18. Wow! This cape looks amazing! Love the yarn, and love that collar too! You did a wonderful job! And I love your blog, too! It's so beautiful and inspirational! :)

    Have a lovely day!
    x Dragana

  19. Dear all,
    Many thanks for your sweet and encouraging comments, you're the best!

  20. really beautiful! so clever on the neck. enjoy it! X

  21. What a beautiful cape!! I would absolutely love to make one myself. I've searched the web for the book but cannot find it anywhere, not even in the Etsy shop where you bought it. I think it's completely sold out. Would you possibly consider sharing the pattern? I'm not an experienced crocheter that I can make it with just a picture. It's really gorgeous. x Nadine

  22. Hi,

    For the collar, how many stitches did you use?

  23. I've bought this book years ago, but still haven't try it. Not single pattern. #sigh
    Thank you for inspiring me.