Just Throwing in Some Happy Colours

For everybody who can use some cheerful colours:
These are for you!

ByHaafner, pompons
Still very busy around here; not much time to blog. However, I'm bursting with new crochet ideas and blog inspiration. Can't wait to invest more time in both.

Meanwhile I'm looking forward to Maaike's crochet book, which will be launched next weekend. The preview looks amazing. So fresh. If you haven't seen it yet, head over to her gorgeous blog creJJtion now! She is such a kind and creative lady. I really wish I could attend the launch, but unfortunately I have obligations to attend to.

Enjoy the last bit of weekend, cheers!


  1. Hoi Haafner,

    Leuk al die vrolijk gekleurde pom poms :-) Ik ben benieuwd naar je nieuw haak en blog idee├źn. Bij mij staat het haken even op een laag pitje. De tuin gaat nu voor. Fijne week!

    * Het boek van Maaike ziet er inderdaad prachtig uit!

    Madelief x

  2. What gorgeous colours! I love pom poms!! :)

  3. Who can resist the joy of colorful pom poms! Thank you for presenting this bouquet.

    Yes, this seems a very busy summer, without too much time for blogging. The new crochet book does look very enticing. Thank you for that link.


  4. hello, i like to invite you for a blog hop that you can find back on my blog, if you have time to answer four questions that would be nice. i know you are a very creative crocheter, passionated in what you do and i thought it would be nice to ask you for it. see what is possible for you...the pompom as very colour full, you create real happiness with wool : ) all the best, lotte

  5. Hello I could definitely use some cheerful colours! Thank you so much for your lovely gift :)

  6. Hey Haafner, dankjewel voor de leuke vermelding van mijn boek. Dankjewel ook voor de lieve comments op mijn nieuwe blog! Jammer dat je er niet bij kunt zijn zaterdag, ik hoop je op een later moment wel een keer te ontmoeten. xx

  7. I am trying to get a pattern for the tulip stitch, but I am sent from pillar to post and not getting anywhere. Can you help me? I would appreciate it. Thank You Jo-Ann

    1. Hi Jo-Ann,
      Sure! Here is the link: http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/flowers-row
      Have fun making!
      Best regards, Haafner

  8. That's a great photo Haafner and I know those pompoms are for me!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Beautiful and happy colors!! xo Heather

  10. I just made a quick browsing of your latest posts : wonderful as usual!!!
    Hope to see you soon, xxxxx Ale

  11. Such a gorgeous picture! Thanks for sharing! :)