Finally I made something chevron, or ripple stitch!
Not a throw (two others to finish first) - but a scarf.
As many before me pointed out, it is a quite addictive pattern.

ByHaafner, crochet, ripple stitch, chevron, scarf

For this scarf I used a fine yarn, meant for hooksize 2.5 or 3 mm,
but I used a 4 mm hook instead,
Which makes the result more lacy and light.
This is a very basic chevron pattern (there are so many variations out there, don't you think?)

Have you often used a ripple stitch pattern? Or is there another classic pattern which you really want to make? There is so much I'd like to make - and so little time...

Thanks for your visit - it's nice to have you here!
Have a lovely day.


  1. Holy moly dis mooi!!!!! Ek is mal hieroor. I love using bigger hooksizes for more lacy effects and love the colours you used too. I am currently busy with the Vintage Fan Ripple stitch and am loving it - completely addictive. Happy New Year!

  2. Such a pretty scarf pattern and colour choice. I love how with crochet you have the freedom to adapt yarn, hook and pattern to create something more suited to your taste. Using a larger hook with a finer yarn on a lacy pattern can produce something divine, and your work shows it to perfection!

    Have a super day!

    Vanessa xxx

  3. Lovely scarf! I need to make a chevron one day...

  4. Lovely- the colours yt have chosen are wonderful together!


  5. Looks like a lovely scarf!! I've been wanting to make something, possibly a blanket out of the ripple stitch. Thanks for some lovely inspiration! :) Have a happy week! xo Holly

  6. The scarf is lovely and the Lacey effect works really well - I may not have thought of doing that but will definitely remember in future. I love rippling! I think my ripple blanket may be my favourite one so far. At the moment I am making as catch kidston inspired block stitch blanket which I am aiming to hang on to!! Most of my blankets seem to have been ' stolen' by my children! Thanks for the inspiration. Emma x

  7. Very nice, Haafner!
    I love a ripple, have used Lucy's pattern at Attic24 3 times already, but not a lacy version yet.

  8. I love your projects and style. I am working on creating a hexagon blanket very much like yours because I was so taken with it. I'm using mercerized cotton in mostly pastels. Paton's Grace and Aunt Lydia's/ Can you tell me the size of yours and approx how many hexies you crocheted? Also, some hints about doing the half hexies would be appreciated though I think I might have figured it out.