Flabbergasted! (And some unusual wips)

A warm welcome new & old readers,

Flabbergasted, yes, that sort of describes my reaction this morning when I saw the visitor statistics of this little blog had exploded over the last day. The cause: an amazing - amazingly sweet - blog post of one of my crochet & blog heros, the very talented Vanessa from Coco Rose Dairies. So much kindness, it leaves me speechless... (And to think I'm such a complete amateur compared to her gorgeous work and beautifully written blog.) So from the bottom of my heart:
♦♦ Thank you Vanessa! ♦♦

It also made me realise it really is time for a new post...
However, it has been very busy around here. I don't get much crocheting done. (And I'm seriously behind visiting all your lovely blogs out there, but I will pop around to say hello soon!)
Although work-work takes up most of my time, I did manage over the last weeks to start (but not finish, nope) some new projects. Which have one thing in common: an unusual (as in: unusual for me) colour combination.

ByHaafner, crochet, granny square throw, wip

This is supposed to become a giant granny square throw with a vintage vibe... I'm struggling a bit with the colours because there so different from my usual palette. Mmm, we'll see how & if that works out. At least a big granny square is a guarantee for relaxing crocheting, perfect after a long & tiring day at work.

ByHaafner, crochet, granny square throw, wip

Then there's also this winter project (scarf, hat and mittens). Even more unusual colours, but I fell for the very soft yarn. (Which only came in these colours, haha.)

ByHaafner, crochet, granny squares, scarf and hat

And the last wip: this potholder sample. It should become the first of a new range of potholders... (And okay, this is made with colours that are more customary for me.)

ByHaafner, crochet, potholder, pastel, vintage cats image

Sorry, the pics are not the best (made in a bit of a rush) - I'm slightly worried you will be disappointed about the quality after reading Coco Rose's sweet words. ;-)

♦♦ Thanks for dropping by & have a lovely day. ♦♦


  1. You well deserve it . . .there are lots of treasures hidden in your blog !
    And I had to nod, nod, nod and agree with everything that Vanessa wrote about your work
    well done and congratulations on your blog 'explosion' !!!

  2. Never disappointed with seeing your lovely work, have a good day Sam xx

  3. congrats!!!!
    I love your granny blanket.....a lot!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  4. OMG Your work and postings can never disappoint. I love the giant granny and think that the colours are actually spot on - It looks scrummy! All of us need to hook one of those at least once in our lifetimes. I also like the hat-scarf combo - looks like you appreciate texture as much as colour! Have a great winter - so glad I'll be missing out on the long cold European season tee heeee. Congrats on the post by Vanessa - you are birds of a feather actually!

  5. Not disappointed, I am so pleased to see your blog, it is just lovely! Beautiful photos and projects. Ann (Australia).

  6. Love your blog and wip's. Jacqui (aka.livingwithethel)

  7. It should be me thanking YOU actually Haafner! Discovering your blog and all it's beauty, helped me to realise just what it was that I was missing. I had totally missed seeing the beauty of the craft through another's eyes. It sort of helped to re-invigorate me. It's been nice to get back into a rhythm and be able to re-connect with blogs I had followed for years, but also, carve out the time to make new connections. Something I hadn't done for so long, but actually really needed! So thank YOU Haafner, for having a great skill, a beautiful eye for colour, a wonderful eye for photography, and basically, making this a a really feel good place to visit!

    I LOVE your granny blanket, and totally get where you are coming from. But like Pigtails, I think you are spot on with the colours. against the light background it looks, gorgeously granny and very vintage, but in a very up to date way.

    I seem to have deviated from my usual colours at the moment too. It feels a bit odd, but I am obsessed with a certain shade at the moment and cannot work with anything else! Ridiculous!

    Have a super day!

    Vanessa xxx

  8. {hugs Vanesse for her sweet comment} I love blogland :-)

    Your last picture looks so interesting, have you used two yarns together? I also got out of my comfortzone recenly when I crocheted a blanket whilst traveling, but it turned out really nice. So apparently, out of the comfortzone is a good thing :-)


  9. Just found your blog and absolutely love what you do!! You are so incredibly talented and just got yourself a new follower. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations. xo

  10. Classic granny in vintage colours - very pretty. I have a long term stashbuster on the hook, verrrrry long term, I might add!

  11. Flabbergasted....wat een geweldig woord is dat toch. :)
    Ik had het bericht van Coco gisteren al gelezen, erg lief en erg verdiend. Als ik nog een blog had dan had ik je ook de hemel in geprezen. Nu doe ik dat maar elke keer op Pinterest.
    Je Granny Blanket vind ik ondanks de ietwat afwijkende ´Haafner-kleuren´ nog steeds een echte Haafner. Het wordt weer een beauty.
    Liefs uit Ierland.

  12. Gosh this is a lovely blog :) I found you through Vanessa's blog, your crochet is lovely

  13. your blog is lovely and when i saw that you were a fellow vegan I added you to my favorites immediately!

  14. All of these are just so lovely!! I do absolutely love the last photo of your potholder!! Gorgeous colors!! Wishing you a lovely and crafty day! xo Holly

  15. Beautiful crochet pretties and I always love seeing your pot holders! Have a sweet day! xo Heather

  16. Haafner, you have a lovely blog. I am one of the people who visited your blog after reading about you on Coco Rose's blog. And I'm so glad I did.

    I like the colors you are working with, and particularly like the colors of the potholder you are crocheting.

    I look forward to many enjoyable visits to your blog.

    Carolyn Geoffrey
    in Texas, USA

  17. Never ever disappointed and always look forward to your posts!


  18. You deserve every ounce of the revelry made over your blog and your craft!!! Take your bow! :) penny x

  19. Hi there. I just popped over from Coco Rose Diaries...you have a lovely blog! Look forward to revisiting.

  20. Your blog is amazing, never forget that! I love your colour choices, they are so different. Your granny square is turning out beautifully!

  21. I love your blog, and yes Ms CocoRose directed me here as well.
    Your scarf is inspiring me....and how wonderful it only came in 3 colors that you could easily switch them around for the squares.

    I'm adding you to my Bloglovin' feed. YAY!

  22. Thanks for all
    I love your blog too and I'm very happy you like mine
    have a good day and see you later

  23. You found your blog fromCocoRose Link I have to say I love it .I am going to sit down down with a cup of tea and go through your blog I cant wait from your newest follower from Australia-love dee x

  24. Hello! What a beautiful blog, absolutely lives up to Vanessa's lovely words :) so glad to find you and your beautiful crochet, can't wait to read through and catch up with what I've been missing out on! Kath xxx