Market bag in the making

Still haven't finished writing down the pattern for my last throw,
sorry about that. It's in the making though.

ByHaafner, crochet, Japanese crochet pattern, market bag

Also in the making is this fun market bag.
I found the pattern on Pinterest (click here).
It's a Japanese crochet pattern.
Meanwhile we're enjoying a couple of really hot days here in The Netherlands. Lovely!

Take care.


  1. This is a very good pattern. I also recently did this. I did a bit more grip, so I can get on my shoulders as well.


    1. Thanks for the link; what a nice blog you have! I was also planning to make a long shoulder strap, seems more practical. Also, I see you too skipped the picots in the middle of the flower, I did too. ;-)
      Thanks for dropping by!

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  3. What a lovely crochet pattern! When I first saw your photo, I imagined that the floral motif would be forming the base of the market bag, with the "netting" continuing up the sides.

    Thank you also for the links. Best wishes.

  4. That's gorgeous! I was also thinking it was the base of the bag, but I love this pattern :D

  5. I love the bright turquoise colour you are using! I've been meaning to make a market bag for ages, but never can quite work out how I should do the handles. Sure yours will be lovely!


  6. Oh how beautiful! And love the pretty color too! Happy day to you! :) xo Holly

  7. Beautiful pattern and I love the color!! You are always working on such pretties!! Have a lovely week! xo Heather