Finally summer has arrived in The Netherlands,
and what a difference it makes.
(We simply skipped spring this year. Why bother?)

ByHaafner, container garden, blossoming elderflower, hanging basket

Some snapshots from the terrace...

ByHaafner, container garden, grass, pink pelargonium

The elderflower is blossoming and I simply love it.

ByHaafner, container garden, blossoming elderflower, white wall

Mint tea and crochet to make a sunny day off complete.
(Another potholder in the making.)

ByHaafner, crochet, potholder, wip, outside, terrace, flowers

♦ Take care! 
PS. A big thank you to Madelief for the sweet mention on her amazing blog. She has a stunning garden I can only dream of... And I do!


  1. beautiful! and your feet are looking very summery too! enjoy, Heather x

  2. Your garden photos are so beautiful... I had not seen Elderflower before, But I do love St Germaine Liquor :). Have a wonderful day. XO Mary

  3. And we've had 3 days of winter now :-)
    I love being able to wear tights and a scarf, but would you know...one of my spring bulbs is already flowering!

  4. Pretty tootsies! Summer is my favourite season, I am so glad the winters are short in the South. Your patio is lovely!