Where have my pastels gone?!

Something I really like about blogging is to be inspired by others,
and to discover that sometimes - to my delight and surprise -
others are inspired by this tiny blog... (Yay!)

ByHaafner, bright colours, crochet, circles, doily, placemat, enamel, white wooden floor

Like recently, there were suddenly quite a few visitors
from South Korea to my blog (btw, a country I'd love to visit once).
On which I discovered a lovely South Korean crochet blog
with a 'remake' of my popcorn potholder (remember? this one!)
in similar colours and styling.
This was confusing in a funny way:
At first glance it looked like my own photo,
but there was something slightly different...
Go check it out here!

ByHaafner, enamel, bright colours, red, pink, blue, crochet circles, wip

Recently it worked the other way round
when I came across the wonderful Portugese blog Mi Mitrika
with gorgeous pictures and amazing crochet work. What a delight...
I discovered it on the blogroll of another lovely blog: Pigtails. (Thanks!)

One of the pictures of Mi Mitrika was that of a placemat or doily in bright colours, with lots of red (a colour I normally hardly ever use)
But I was smitten...
So I shamelessly made my own and used a lot of red too.
Although admittedly her colour combi is better - with mustard/ochre
which I didn't have in my stash.
Anyway - it's nice to go bright for a change!

ByHaafner, bright colours, crochet, circles, doily, placemat, enamel, white wooden floor

As you can see I got my enamel out too. :-)

ByHaafner, bright colours, crochet, circles, doily, placemat, enamel, white wooden floor

Thanks for the inspiration.
Have a bright day!


  1. So pretty and love all your enamelware!! xo Heather

  2. Prachtige onderzetter en jaloersmakend mooi emaille. Meegenomen van je reizen?
    Bedankt voor de inspiratie want ik wil nu ook aan de slag met rondjes. ;)

  3. Love your enamels! And the potholders :-)
    Ah, it's great to discover new blogs all the time: I really enjoy going through the favourite feeds of different bloggers and find new places to go there.

  4. Most often I find the blogs I love most through other blogs! Yours was linked from Crejjtion, that's how I found it. I think a huge amount of traffic is mediated through linking from other blogs or magazines, rather than just plain googling!


  5. So very pretty! Love your enamelware!! Have a great weekend! xo Holly

  6. I always feel slightly funny about using other people's patterns and copying ideas but I find that I always change them slightly. After all, it's the highest form of flattery. :) I am loving these colours. I'm also thinking it would make a great table runner!!

  7. Super nice!! ♥ I like the colors and how the circles play together :-)

  8. Aha - thank you for mentioning my blog! I love your take on this potholder, sometimes it is refreshing to try out something new. The Koreans have also blogged my place mats and I received a tonne of traffic from their blog. I too love exploring the blog lists of other bloggers and through yours came across the work of Belle Fleur de Lis! I have updated my list with some new Polish, Italian and German blogs as well. Cheers, have a great day!