For a friend

Last week I crocheted this buttonless waistcoat for a friend of mine.
(She is always cold & this vest is quite warm...)

ByHaafner, crochet, grey vest, crocheted waistcoat,

Actually, I don't often crochet cloths.
I prefer to make other stuff. (Doilies, throws!)
However, I'm not completely unsatisfied the way this vest came out.
It was really quick to make, I used
a chunky acrylic yarn and a 7 mm crochet hook.

ByHaafner, crochet, grey vest, crocheted waistcoat,

I didn't have a pattern, but tried it on myself as I went along.
A simple double crochet, but I pulled the yarn
only through the first loop of the previous row, hence the ridges.

I started with the front and then crocheted along to the back.
So the whole thing is made out of one piece.
Still, I had to join the back & front under the arm holes.
So I made a row of single crochet on both the back and front where they should be joined, under the arm holes.
For the actual joining I turned the vest turned inside out and simply slipstitched along both rows of single crochet (outside loops only).
(Erh, not sure if I'm being helpful here at all...)

ByHaafner, crochet, grey vest, crocheted waistcoat,

Do you have a favourite type of crochet project?  Love to hear!

Yay! It fits my friend and she likes it - or so she claims. ;-)

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  1. Its wunderful. I test it in the next time ;-) Its good in the spring. Greets from germany.