Let's have a cup of tea and just enjoy the moment

When I was young (a veeery long time ago), there was a choice between tea or coffee.
Not between hundreds of kinds of different tea or coffee.

ByHaafner, vintage teacup, crochet, doily, handmade, pastel, wallpaper with flowers

So much has changed since then! The choice is quite overwhelming.
I enjoy many cups of black or green tea a day (organic and fairtrade of course).
Usually while working - but taking a teabreak is a guilty pleasure.

ByHaafner, vintage teacup, thrifted, teatime

I never use a water cooker.
Apart from the fact that they're plain ugly (which spoils much of the teafun)
they use way too much energy.

No sir! I put my old fashioned kettle on the fire to brew my tea.
Sure, it takes a bit longer, 
but there's a kind of joy in the anticipation,
the ritual of choosing the tea, 
filling the tea strainer,
pooring the boiling water on the tea,
wait a few minutes... And enjoy...

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