Pattern Fifties Cowl * now ready!

Many thanks again for your kind comments on my Fifties Cowl. I have been wearing it a lot recently and I really like it: it's comfortable, stylish – to my modest opinion at least ;-) – and can be worn in multiple ways.

I promised to write down the pattern and here it is. I also drew two charts that – hopefully – will help too.

I really wanted to have it ready before christmas – for those who like to crochet their way through these days. Not unlike me. ;-)

What do you need?
– yarn: Scheepjes StoneWashed XL, colours MoneStone and Amazonite (two balls of each, but I tend to crochet fairly tightly, so it might be safer to buy three of each)

- crochet hook 6 mm (this stitch produces a fairly thick fabric, so I would not advise a smaller size hook)
– buttons
scissor and darning needle.

ByHaafner, crochet, pattern, Fifties Cowl, woven crochet stitch


To start

Chain 120 (or any multiple of 2)
Mine has a base of 120 chains, this give a fairly snug fit if you wrap it twice, like in the photo above. If you'd like more drape, or are not sure it'll fit, I advise to start with a longer chain. 

ByHaafner, crochet, pattern, Fifties Cowl, woven crochet stitch

Round 1
ch1, skip the first stitch *1 sc, ch1, skip 1 stitch*
repeat from * till * till end of round

Round 2
ch1, *1sc in the first st of the last round, ch1, skip 1 sc*
repeat from * till * till end of round. End the round with a sc

Round 3 till 27
Repeat round 2
Fasten off and weave in ends.

The basic is now ready! The only thing you need to do is to add simple borders and buttons.

I didn't make a border lengthwise, only in the width. Side A with the button holes, side B with the buttons.

Border A (with button holes): this is a basic row of single crochet, interrupted by short chains to make the button holes. Where exactly you want to make the button holes depends of course on the size of your buttons and the number of buttons you use.

For my cowl I used the following pattern:
5 sc along the side, ch3, skip 2 stitches, 6sc, ch3, skip 2 st, 6 sc, ch3, skip 2 stitches, 5sc. Fasten off.

Border B (with buttons): this is a basic row of 28 single crochet. Fasten off and sew the buttons in place. I advise to place them not too close to the border; this way the cowl will close neatly, without any gaps.

ByHaafner, crochet, pattern, Fifties Cowl, woven crochet stitch

Okay, that's all my crafty friends! Let me know if you have any questions.
I do hope you will enjoy this pattern and cowl as much as I do.

ByHaafner, crochet, pattern, Fifties Cowl, woven crochet stitch

May you have some lovely, animal friendly, crafty and stress free days ahead of you!
 Many, many thanks for your visit! 


  1. This is great, thank you Haafner!!!!!
    I wish you a lovely Christmas time and why don't come to visit me, here in Mozambique? last year we were so close when you travelled to Asia….. !!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxxx Ale

    1. Be careful with what you're saying: I just might suddenly knock on your door there. ;-))

  2. Soooo very lovely!! Thank so much for sharing! Will have to give this a try after Christmas! :) I just love your pretty colors too! Merry Christmas!! xo Holly

    1. Happy holidays to you too! Wonderful that you will give the pattern a try!

  3. Een ontzettende leuke col! Fijne feestdagen toegewenst en een mooi 2015!

    Madelief x

  4. Thank you so much for sharing, I love it!
    Merry Christmas

  5. Love the texture! Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Hello!
    Your cowl is gorgeous!! <3
    Thanks for sharing the pattern!!
    Happy Christmas!!
    Ingrid xx

  7. Dank voor het patroon! Staat op mijn verlanglijstje : ). Fijne dagen, groetjes Marijtje

    1. Oh echt - wat leuk! Dank voor je berichtje en insgelijks fijne dagen gewenst!

  8. Thanks for this, your cowl is very lovely. Merry Christmas to you , Sam xxx

  9. Ik heb er al eentje gehaakt , de mijne is wel wat smaller want ik had geen wol genoeg. Heb al twee andere wolletjes gezocht voor nog eentje. Hartelijk dank voor het patroon.ik ben erg blij met dekol en het is een supersnel project.

    1. Oh, dat vind ik echt superleuk om te lezen! Ik hoop dat je ook veel plezier van hebt.
      Dank je wel voor je berichtje en fijne dagen nog!

  10. Thank you so much for writing down your pattern! I would love to see how the others make your cowl too! Yours is beautiful but different colours might also be attractive and I can't quite decide yet which colours to take. It's a lovely project and it's very kind of you to share . Now I wish you a very Happy New Year which is just a few hours away!

    1. Thanks Claudia!
      Yes I agree, it would be lovely to see it in other colour combinations. I'm tempted to make a few others myself. ;-)
      Happy New Year!

  11. Prachtige col!
    Kan je mij de lengte in cm geven want ik zou hem willen proberen met dunnere wol en jou lengte lijkt mij perfect.Dank je

    1. Hallo Mia,
      Dank je wel en leuk dat je hem ook gaat maken! Een dunnere wol lijkt me trouwens erg mooi. Mijn col heeft een lengte van 130 cm, inclusief de randjes in breedte (dus waar de knoopsgaten zitten). Zonder die randjes kom je uit op ongeveer 128 cm.
      Veel plezier met het maken!

  12. Wat een mooie col! Dank voor het patroon, ik ga 'm bewaren!

    Groetjes, Daphne

    1. Hallo Dapne,
      Leuk, bedankt voor je berichtje en een fijn nieuwjaar gewenst.
      PS. Leuk blog heb je!

    2. Te snel getikt... Sorry, Daphne!

  13. This is so pretty: thank you for the pattern. I have not worked this stitch before and now I don't know why! It would make a sweet baby blanket too I think - but I'll make the cowl for myself first:)

  14. This is a beautiful cowl! Thank you for taking the time to write it down.
    Can you tell me what your final length is?