Turkish crochet

I purchased this Turkish crochet thread
at the weekly market in Haarlem.
turkish crochet, pink, aqua, thread, hook, Haafner

And a very fine crochet hook
(1 mm)...
I haven't tried it yet,
but I love the colours.
turkish crochet, pink, aqua, thread, Haafner, flowers

I'm guessing it would take me ages
to learn to crochet lovely flowers like these
- which I bought at a market in Tire, Turkey...


  1. Good luck with your blog! Can't wait to see more. ;-)
    All best, Hilda

  2. Hey!
    I dont know if you tried this yet but, this is called "iğne oyası" you have to make it with neddle. It is not a type of crochet. :)
    Loves from Turkey